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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…

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paige_xmas_raven.jpgWhat’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?  A new purse?  A great pair of shoes?  A new eReader?  Well, I can’t do anything about the purse or the shoes but I can help you out with the eReader.  The great ladies at have put together a great and EASY contest.  One lucky reader (an actual person) will win a new Sony Pocket Reader.  That’s a nice Christmas present!! 

Click on the Sony Reader icon, follow the instructions, and one lucky winner will be very happy.  Actually three lucky winners will be very happy.  We are giving away one Sony Pocket Reader and two gift cards; a $25 Amazon gift card and a $50 Pre-Paid Visa. 

Follow the link, enter the contest, have a great holiday season!


It’s a Season of Giving…

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And Angela James, Editor-in-Chief of Samhain Publishing, is wearing her Santa hat.

To celebrate the Christmas holiday, Angie is giving away not one, but two Amazon Kindles.   Isn’t she great!!  Details can be found on her blog – the link is on my blogroll.  December 1st entry forms will be available on her blog.   Good luck to everyone who participates. 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and Santa brings you something special.

Talk to you soon…


I Drank the Kindle-Ade…

And I must say – it tastes very good.    But before I go on about the Kindle, let me start at the beginning…

I discovered eBook in 2003 and was hooked.  Seriously hooked.  That’s not to say I abandoned paperbacks and hard covers – my monthly bill at Amazon and Borders can attest to that – but through eBooks I’ve been able to satisfy my craving for instant gratification and discover a host of new authors and new genres that I would have missed out on otherwise.  I’ve never had a problem downloading a single eBook purchase and am proud to say I’ve converted many of my friends to the format.

I’ve put off buying an eBook reader for many reasons; no universal format, conversion and loading horror stories, waiting for the newest, best, and brightest to come on the market.  Instead of using a reader, I settled for reading my collection of eBooks on my computer, usually my laptop.  While that wasn’t the most convenient way for me to curl upon the couch with a good book, it’s what I’ve done.

When I first heard about the Kindle my initial reaction was no. NO. NO. NO.  That’s just how I am; yes or no, black and white.  Then I start to think about it and weigh the pros and cons.  The price tag put me off – $400 for a first generation device? Would the free delivery change in the future? Also, the idea of being tied to Amazon for my eBook purchases – or so I thought – was a turn off.  Then I started to do my homework.  I read the FAQ pages at Amazon, scoured hundreds of reviews, and emailed Amazon with additional questions I had (huge points for them getting back to me in less than 12 hours, huge).  After I gathered the facts and compared the other devices on the market I finally took the plunge and bought a Kindle. 

And then cursed myself for not buying one sooner.

So, why am I happy I drank the Kindle-Ade?  (BTW, credit to Sarah at Smart Bitches for the Kindle-Ade tag – I stole it from her) Let me count the ways.  I took a long hard look at my options for purchasing books.  The eBooks I buy are almost exclusively by authors not published in other formats.  Even though I can buy most of my favorite NYC authors in eBook I still went to the book store or bought them in paper on-line.  The nearest Borders is a 44 mile round trip.  At $4 a gallon for gas it costs me $10 to make a run for books.  $10 in gas.  To buy books at full retail (for paperbacks), as that chain typically does not discount.  Yeah, there are big box stores closer but their selection is iffy at best.  I bought the Kindle for $359.  In a year I would have spent more than that on gas driving to the book store.    

So far the device is everything it’s promised to be.  User friendly is an understatement.  Within 15 minutes of grabbing the box out of the UPS guy’s hand I’d downloaded my first book – J.R. Ward’s Lover Enshrined – and was on my way.  The Kindle came pre-programmed for my Amazon account and ready for use.  Downloading a book took less than a minute.  By the end of the first week I’d bought fifteen books on my wish list and am happily reading my way through my TBR pile.

I’d heard that the device was hard to handle without accidently turning a page.  By the end of the first day that was no longer a problem.  I did purchase a red leather cover from Amazon that I like better than the one that came with the unit – the Kindle is secured into the cover on all four corners, the front folds back nicely so it’s comfortable to hold while reading, and the page turning problem is a non-issue.  If I stop reading before a book is finished, my place is automatically saved. I have the ability to add bookmarks, make notes and save clippings for future reference.  While I don’t use those features on the romances I read, they are handy tools for the non-fiction books I’ve purchased.

The e-Ink technology is very easy on the eyes – no eye strain.  Being able to change the font size is a plus if needed.   It took a few hours to get used to the slight flicker when I turned a page but now I don’t notice it.  The unit is light weight and easy to hold. The battery life is good and charges quickly.   Searching Amazon for new reading material from my Kindle is quick and efficient.  The Qwerty keyboard makes typing searches – and notes – as easy as typing on a keyboard, PDA or Smartphone.  Shortcut keys are available for different functions and the trackball functions/selector is easy to use.

A few months back a discussion of free sample chapters was making the blog rounds and the Kindle stepped up to the plate on that one by offering free chapters to try.  The samples are downloaded as easily as the books themselves and – for me at least – have led to me buying new authors I otherwise wouldn’t have.  The Save for Later/Wish List feature is nice and easy to make future purchases from.  I’ve played with the dictionary and found that too is easy to use.

The idea that I’m tied to Amazon for my eBook purchases isn’t true.  I can still buy from other vendors then download to the Kindle from my PC.  It’s an extra step or two, but I do have the choice of where I spend my money.  I haven’t done this yet but, as upcoming releases loom in the future, I’m sure I will.  I can support my fellow authors at Samhain and buy from MBaM almost as easily as I can buy from Amazon.  This weekend I’m going to begin converting my existing eBook library to the Kindle format.  The directions are simple and the service is free.  As most of my prior purchases are PDF format I’ll see how that plays out, but even if the conversion isn’t perfect I’m okay with that. 

I’ve been a big time reader since I was a kid.  My mom fostered my love of books, the same thing I’m doing today with my nieces.  From that love of reading came a desire to write, a goal that I’ve recently accomplished and will hopefully continue with in the future.  Though reading on an electronic device is different from the visceral feel of paper and binding in my hand, the experience isn’t lessened or downgraded.  I was actually surprised how easy it was to forget I didn’t have a paper book in my hand. 

A side benefit to the Kindle is the exposure and discussions the eBook market has gotten as a result of Amazon’s commitment to the format.  Over the past few weeks I’ve read several high profile blog posts on the subject.   Instead of the usual derision and skepticism on the subject of eBooks with the discussions coming down to shoddy editing, poor business practices and badly written stories, the trends in these posts and articles have been looking toward the future of the market, the impact on publishing as a whole, commitment from big time publishing houses to eBooks and interesting information on market share, all of which has been rather refreshing.    

As for what I wish was different about the Kindle?  There is no backlight – and that would be nice – but it was not a deterrent for me.  Mass-market paperbacks aren’t backlit so I’d need a light on to read anyway.  I’d like to be able to purchase several books at once – have one charge on my account if purchasing more than one book at a time – instead of each transaction being separate.  And I’d like to see more of my favorite author’s backlists available on the Kindle – something I’m pretty sure will happen in the future. Another thing I’d like to see is a greater breakdown of genres/subjects for searching Kindle books – whether on-line or on the Kindle itself.

All in all, I’m very pleased with my purchase.  Now that you know what I think on the subject, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are.  Do you have an eBook reader?  What kind?  What made you buy it?  How do you feel about reading from a hand-held device instead of paper?  What do you think about the Kindle, Amazon, and current discussions of eBooks and the publishing industry?   

And The eBook Reader Goes To…..

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I can’t believe three months have gone by since Claiming Their Mate released.  Sales and feedback have been great.  THANK YOU to all the readers who helped me achieve my goal!!  I’ve been MIA these past few months (more about that later in another post) but am now back on track and nearly finished with the sequel, which will be Nessa’s story. 

Over 140 people entered the eBook Reader contest.  I assigned each entry a number and used a random number generator program to select the winner.  And the eBook Reader goes to…..

Tina S. from Texas.  Congratulations, Tina!! 

Tina, look for an email from me with more information.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  August 1st, 2008 I’ll have a new contest up on my website.

Have a great night-


I’d Rather Pull out My Eyelashes…

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When I started this blog I promised myself I’d keep it up to date.  Well, since the release of Claiming Their Mate things have been a bit crazy for me.  I really had great intentions of musing, ranting, and raving everyday – and I have – I just haven’t been able to post those musings, rantings and ravings online.

I am not what you would call Techno Savvy and I have no patience when my computer behaves in a less than cooperating manner.  I’ve been in Computer Hell for over a week, actually it’s closer to two weeks.  It got so bad my PC had to be wiped clean twice.  Thankfully I had my files backed up online at Carbonite.  After 14 hours of phone tech support with my PC manufacturer, 3 hours of talk time with my ISP, and reloading every file and the programs to access those files twice, I now have a fully functioning computer.  It’s fully functioning today.  I can only hope it will be fully functional tomorrow.

What makes me so angry is 1.) This is a new PC – a top of the line unit I bought last September, 2.) I bought the best, full coverage warranty the manufacturer offered, and 3.) The condescending attitude of the tech guys on the phone when I tell them what the problem is and they don’t listen.

I wouldn’t wish PC problems like this on anyone…well, maybe a few people, but I would rather pull out my eyelashes one by one than go through this again.

Have a nice day-



And the Winners are…

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Thank you to everyone who signed up for my newsletter.  The contest ran April 13th through April 15th and all who signed up were entered in a drawing for a $10 MBaM Gift Certificate. 

I drew two names……and the winners are……

amysmith98 and lisalsilva



Happy Release Day…

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WereLions, Alpha Males, and Red-Hot Animal Attraction.  The Beckett brothers are WereLions who know how to make a woman purrrrrrr……….

claimingtheirmate72lgb.jpgJules Kingston is a WereLion destined to be the next Lioness of the White Sands Pride. Her fathers, having decided to step down as Leos, have put out a call for a pair of lions to mate with their daughter. Before settling down with mates and a litter of cubs, though, Jules wants to spread her wings.

Of all the Lions in the Pride, Gabriel and Lucas Beckett are the only two who make her panties wet-and the last two she would ever take on as mates. When the brothers stake their claim, she runs, cursing her hormones for reacting to such prime specimens of her species.

Gabe and Luke have known for years that Jules is meant to be their mate. The trick will be to convince their woman she belongs to them. As expected, Jules leads them on a merry chase.

Then a mate fight and hunt is called by a rival pair. To win Jules as their own, Gabe and Luke must prove their dominance over the Pride-and their woman.

I wanted to do something special to celebrate my first release so……..I’m giving away an eBook reader.  YAY!!  Details can be found on my contest page.  The contest runs from April 15th until June 30th, 2008.  Good luck to everyone who enters!!

Once I finished writing Claiming Their Mate I wondered what happens after Jules, Luke, and Gabe’s happily ever after.  If you’d like to read more of their story check out the EVER AFTER page on my website to see where they are six months after their mating.

I hope you enjoy reading Claiming Their Mate as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


The Cat Shifter Books from Samhain Publishing…….

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Check out the covers.  Anne Cain did a GREAT job!!


Available Tuesday, April 15th.

Tomorrow is the Day…

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Good morning.  Tomorrow is release day!!  I’m nervous.  And excited.  But mostly nervous.  In Claiming Their Mate the characters are bold and brassy.  The men are total Alphas.  Jules, the heroine – she holds her own with them every step of the way.  Well…almost every step.  And they’re shifters, cat shifters, my very favorite kind.  The kind that make you purr

Angie, my editor from Samhain Publishing, is blogging about all 6 Cat Shifter releases at today.  Stop by and check it out.

To celebrate my first release I’m running two contests.  The first is for a $10 MBaM gift certificate.  Sign-up for my newsletter at:  by midnight on April 15th to be entered in the drawing.  The winner will be announced here on my blog and at the Cafe on April 16th.

The second contest….go to my Contest page by clicking the link above on the menu bar to find out how you could win an eBook Reader. I’m giving one away to celebrate the release of Claiming Their Mate.

Fellow author Kaye Chambers has a great contest going on to celebrate her release of Tiger By the Tail, which also releases tomorrow from Samhain Publishing.  Check out her site at for details.  This is one contest, and book, you do not want to miss.  Sasha’s story is too good to pass up.

Thanks to everyone at the Samhain Cafe Yahoo group for their gracious hospitality yesterday.  Tomorrow Kaye Chambers, Dana Marie Bell, Marie Harte, J.B. McDonald, Taryn Blackthorne, and I will be at the Cafe with contests, excerpts and conversation  for the release of our books.  Hope to see you there.

Have a great day!!


List Mom Day at the Cafe…

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Good morning.  Today is going to be a busy day. 

It is List Mom Day @ the Cafe

Join me and 5 other Samhain authors at the Samhain Cafe Yahoo Group for lively conversation, excerpts, games, and great prizes to celebrate our upcoming Cat Shifter releases on April 15th.   Kaye Chambers, Dana Marie Bell, Marie Harte, Taryn Blackthorne, J.B. McDonald, and I will be on-hand to talk about our new books and all other subjects that come our way.   

The Cafe is a great place to meet new friends and discuss the world of romance writing, life, and a variety of other topics.  Stop by between Noon and 8:00 PM Eastern to join in the fun of our Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy releases.

Have a Great Day!!